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Irrigation Supplies

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Have an irrigation need? Herk’s Irrigation can meet it.

We feature quick, efficient service and parts availability, and our knowledgeable staff stands ready to supply, design, repair, or fabricate the missing piece to your irrigation puzzle. From gates to gaskets, tie-in fittings to tees, pipe turners to pipe trailers, Herk’s has it all.

Waterman Industries

We're a warehouse for Waterman Industries featuring a full line of irrigation equipment suitable for your needs. In furrow irrigation, for crops and trees, Waterman manufactures a line of Riser and Overflow Valves.

Waterman's line of medium and heavy duty Canal Gates are often used in water distribution through canals and pipes.

Our In-Line Gates and Butterfly valves are used in water conveyance. Waterman also manufactures a series of drainage gates for holding excess flood water.

The level control and tide control gates can help prevent flooding.

CLICK HERE to visit the Waterman Industries site.

Check out the manufacturers for which Herk’s Irrigation is an authorized distributor:

  • Triad
  • Ace Irrigation
  • Hastings Irrigation
  • Kroy Industries
  • Waterman
  • McCrometer
  • Diamond Plastics
  • Pierce Irrigation Systems
  • Travis
  • Berkeley Pumps
  • NACO Plastics
  • Fresno Valves and Castings

and many more!

Kent Malm

Kent Malm

Herk’s Irrigation carries a full line of gates for any surface irrigation application, as well as the right gasket in any diameter to fit the plastic or aluminum pipe of almost any manufacture. We also offer the right combination of variety and price to get you set up with all the extras: air relief valves, repair couplers, high and low pressure shut-off valves, flex hose, and more!

In addition to a broad array of standard irrigation fittings of both steel and aluminum construction, our team of technicians with over 85 combined years of experience will custom-build any fitting for any application. The crew at Herk’s Irrigation has long experience with the design, fabrication, and installation of systems that meet NRD use and cost-share requirements.

If we don’t have it, we’ll get it or build it for you. Quickly.


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